I started working here in October 2022, again as a fully remote employee. Since they are based in Columbus, Ohio, I joyfully reunited with many of my former friends/coworkers from both Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant. 

Moving from fashion to body care/home decor has been a much-needed challenge to the ole creative brain. Plus I'm working with the most talented team of creatives I have ever worked with in my entire 12-year career. It's given me the motivation to really push myself to write killer copy...and isn't that what it's all about?! 


This was my very first campaign with Bath & Body Works. As everyone who has worked in retail knows, "Spring" is not spring. This hit the stores/site in mid-January. It was a bright, joyful collection to get everyone in the mood for happier, warmer days. The overarching campaign was "Positively Uplifting," so all copy laddered back to that concept. 

At the same time, we had a Valentine's Day campaign which featured decadently sweet, giftable scents. 


This was also a sun-soaked floorset, all about fruity fragrances and getting everyone pumped for summer. The overarching campaign was "Summer of Fragrance Fun," so we kept that top of mind as we worked through all the asset copy. 


This floorset, which included Halloween, hit stores/site at the end of July. I learned that Bath & Body Works customers are crazy for Halloween, and everything sells out long before the first leaf changes. So they switched it up this year to launch the FULL Halloween collection even earlier...and it worked! People loved it. So...Happy Halloween, y'all. 


This was a project that I was proud to be part of from the very beginning, concept to execution. We had never done fabric care before, so a lot of eyes were on it. It was a slow build-up: we started with a teaser campaign several months before the actual launch, where we sent a poll to our Rewards members through the app to vote for their favorite fragrances. It received a HUGE response and we followed that with free samples. Then we followed that with a launch preview for our loyalty members, which blew everyone's expectations. Finally, we launched the full collection and people positively bubbled with joy. (And I had too much fun with laundry puns!)