I started my career at maurices in September 2020 as a fully remote employee. Since their home office is based in Duluth, MN (aka South Canada) they were very understanding that I didn't want to move to a place where summer is basically one weekend in July and the snow starts falling in August. (Mayybeee a slight exaggeration—but not by much.) Working remote also gave my husband and me the opportunity for a big life change: we moved to Nashville!

maurices is a lovely place to work. And the company tagline: Feel-good fashion for real life™ is the guiding light. Our customer is feminine yet practical; she loves God, family... and a good deal.  


This was one of my first projects at maurices. The ask was to name and create a marketing piece for a personal shopping event. This has been a highly successful program and is still going on today. 


I worked on several fragrance naming projects. The ask was to come up with a purely descriptive (but pretty) name + romance copy for new fragrances. Since timing was tight we didn't want to use a name that needed to be trademarked.  


This was a gift card bounceback program during the holidays. 


Just a small sample of email marketing for different seasons and collections. Below are examples from The Big 4: Spring, Summer, Fall & Holiday.